Art Direction
April 2020


The Girl Scouts of America have been facing declining troop numbers. Lack of volunteers, resources, and transportation make being a Girl Scout challenging for some. DigiScouts makes being a part of a troop accessible and more empowering than ever.


By bringing the troop to the girls, DigiScouts’s bus offers progessive skills to learn right at their school and introduces them to the DigiScout app. Our app lets girls connect with other Girl Scouts around the nation and lets them learn new skills and earn badges wherever they are whenever they want. Implementing new progressive badges to earn, girls will be able to explore and grow with new opportunities they can apply to their lives. DigiScouts empowers every girl to be a Girl Scout. 

District and Regional gold American Advertising Federation award 2021
Best of show American Advertising Federation award 2021

Tools used - Procreate / Photoshop / XD / AfterEffects

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